Joe’s Friends came to life after a backpacking trip led Joe into Cambodia. After seeing the poverty and dispair in this region, it was felt that he could do more. Following Cambodia, Joe was on a plane to spend some  time volunteering at an orphanage in Kenya.  His time was spent with the children, and in helping to re-build an orphanage there. This was truly a humbling experience, and made Joe realize that there is so much we can do to help. Even the smallest efforts from here at home can put a smile on children’s faces far and wide.

 One thing that we have learned over the course of numerous years and many countries later, is that kids are the same where ever you go. They love gifts and more importantly they love attention.  The Joe's Friends goal is to just let kids be kids, even for 1 day. We try and give them a day of fun and maybe for a second they will forget the difficult life that's all around them.

 To date Joe's friends has helped out in many war torn countries all over the world. We hope to travel to many more and leave a trail of smiles along the way. In the future we would like to construct our own childrens home, fully equipped with webcam capabilities, so our sponsors can have live 1 on 1 with their sponsored child. We think it will be a unique situation in where our sponsors can see where their money is going first hand. We hope to have something in place soon.   

 With community generosity, and the support of the Cassidy & Joe Real Estate Team, smiles and friendships have been created with children from all over the world. We pride ourselves on never losing sight of what is important in life, and realizing we are never to busy to give back.

No matter what we do in real estate, this will always be the work we are the most proud of.